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Research and References

Definition of Indigenous Homelessness in Canada by Jesse Thistle

ding a healthy community, Indigenous or not, is appreciating that ...

OAHS' FNMI Urban and Rural Homelessness Policy Statement

First Nations, MeĢtis, and Inuit Urban and Rural Homelessness Policy Statement

Canadian Observatory Definition of Homelessness

Canadian Observatory on Homelessness

CMHC Report on Transitional Housing

Transitional housing: objectives, indicators of success, and outcomes

Literature Review on Aboriginal Housing

This paper presents a comprehensive review of scholarly literature on the topic of Aboriginal Homelessness in Canada.

OHRC Policy on Human Rights and Rental Housing

Housing is a human right. International law states that Canada must work towards making sure everyone has access to..

The Ontario Off-Reserve Aboriginal Housing Trust Report

Housing is a basic human need; it is the foundation of individuals, families and..