• Helping individuals live independently. 


  • Improve the quality of lives by offering life skills, structure and stability.

  • When people have the stability they need, it helps them move forward.

Transitional Housing

A short-term accommodation that drives long-term improvements.

Transitional Housing is a short-term accommodation (of up to 4 years) for people in need of housing during a life transition and providing support for those experiencing homelessness. Transitional housing improves the quality of peoples’ lives by offering life skills, support services, structure and stability to drive long-term improvements, helping people learn to live independently and preparing individuals to move forward by developing goals that lead to permanent housing and full community participation.

Transitional housing facilities temporarily house people until they're able to obtain and maintain permanent housing. Providing programs that support community integration and help individuals gain a sense of community.

Transitional housing is a key piece in addressing some social issues in communities struggling with a shortage of social, or affordable housing. 


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"An intermediate step between emergency crisis shelter and permanent housing."

Dispelling Myths

Dr. Travis Hay dispels common myths about transitional housing concerning:

1.  Crime increases.
2.  Property values.
3.  Location.

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